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This application will test your SSL/TLS certificate and configuration for known security vulnerabilities. The test usually takes about 30 seconds, if there is no one in queue in front of you. Once the form is submitted, you will receive auto-generated URL where you can find your results, so you can close this window and visit the app later.

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This website is not secure

Insecure HTTP connection

Connection to your website is not secured using HTTPS protocol. This means:

  • Someone can redirect you on the fake website pretending it's your requested one, without your consciousness.
  • Everyone can read communication between you and the server. Someone can steal your passwords and other sensitive communication.
  • A hacker, can modify content you see or modify data you send to the server.
  • After july 2018 Chrome (most used web browser) will mark your website insecure.

You can fix all these problems by using secure connection - using HTTPS.

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We hear it all time. I don't need to secure my website, because it's only small website and it's not important for my business. This is not true, everyone should at least obtain TLS certificate and start using HTTPS.

Using HTTPS protocol means that all communication between your browser and the website will be encrypted. Nor your internet provider, nor a bad hacker can listen or even change your data. Without encryption, everyone can can read all communication between youand the server.

Today, it's very easy to implement encrypted communication and obtaining TLS certificate, which is necessary, is free.

Major web browser (Chrome, Firefox) will start notifying your website visitor that your website is not secure, when not using HTTPS - this may terrify your visitors, and make them leave. Do not underestimate this and secure your website!


Our online test is based on reputable open source testing utility, which provides various test checks against known security threats. Completing the test will reward you letter based score, where A is the best and F is the worst. Only those servers with the score A can be recognized as secured.

SSL Labs test

This test is widely known and used for testing your TLS communication providing a cross-check for ARODAX test, so you don't rely only on a single result.

Security headers test

Hardening your website security with special server headers for modern browsers, which enable additional protection when those headers present.

OWASP is the security organisation which procudes list of the most common security vulnerabilities. You should always test at least following ones:

SQL & CODE injection

Test your database and application vulnerability, when adding special characters, which will cause runing harmful code.


All executable code, especially javascript must be esacped and converted to entities.


Evevery form must be send with random generated code, validated server-side.

Session hijacking & poisoning

Never send your sessions with non secure chanel.


Pay attention to parameters order send to server.

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EV stands for extended validation. While obtaining standard certificate is very simple and can be done easy with automated tools. EV certificate require your company representative to send required business documents to certificate issuer, which will validates them. After completing the validation provedure you will be able to receive special certificate, with your business name displayed in the browser bar, providing additional information about your company.

Let's Encrypt

Price for securing your website

Don't know how to secure your website? We can secure your website to pass all tests with A score and even do the complete deep security test.

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ARODAX TLS Test - A score
SSL Labs test - A score
Security Headers test - A score
EV certificate
Complete OWASP test (XSS, CSRF, ...)

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