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Why you should secure a website with TLS?

Insecure communication between you and a website is dangerous. Here is few real stories:

Stolen before even bought

Imagine, you want to buy some goods from an unsecured online store.

  • You put some goods in the shopping cart - since there connection between you and the server is not secured - hacker (and it can be just an automatic robot) can see in the communication that you are going to buy a nice new smartphone.
  • Hacker doesn't have to steal your password - he will modify your order by changing your delivery address, injecting new address in your communication without your attention. It is even possible to show you in your order recapitulation your correct address, while saving the fake one in the order.
  • You will pay for your goods, either by credit card or any other payment method. Once you have paid, the order is send to the fake address. Order is paid, but your goods never arrived - they have actually arrived to the incorrect address.

This is only one and very simple demonstration how can someone modify your communication. Remember, when connection is not secure anyone can modify and read your data.

Password or not

Do you have strong password? You can have it, but it does not matter, if anyone can read it, while you typing in, if your connection is not secured.

Mail privacy

Are you sending sensitive business or private communication by email? Sending email on insecure connection is like sending a postcard. Everyone can read it.

Work for your hacker

Have you ever heard about mining cryptocurrencies in your web browser without your knowledge? It is possible to inject this code to any web page you visiting, while you are on insecure connection.

There is a lot of different kinds of possible problems due using of insecure communication. All of them can be easily solved by securing the connection.

Securing the website is very important, as after july 2018 every insecure website will be market as insecure in Chrome browser and display warning while visiting the website.

How to secure your communication?

Securing communication can be done by many ways. The most basic one, which everyone should use is secured TLS communication protocol. Instead of writing http://www.example.com you will use https://www.example.com.

Of course, it does not mean you just simply add the "s" letter and everything will be secured. A webmaster, responsible about the website you are visiting, must configure the website to enable secured communication.

Nowadays, almost every good web hosting company offers securing your website for a small additional fee to your monthly web hosting payment. Some of them - like ARODAX - even offer you this service for free. Ask your technical support for enabling TLS (HTTPS) on your website.

Enabling secure communication if the first big step to securing your website, unfortunately not the last one. You can test your website in our TLS test. This test will check your website configuration and tell you potential vulnerabilities. This will require some moderate technical knowledge, or you can ask us for a help.

Get your server secured by our professionals.

Despite a fact that setting up TLS protocol is usually very easy, sometimes it requires additional configuration (hardening) to make everything work perfectly beyond the scope of the standard configuration. Our security test will show you potential vulnerabilities in your configuration and all of them should be fixed. One of the most common things to be fixed are:

  • Missing security headers preventing common attack vectors.
  • Missing HSTS configuration preventing to load your website on insecure protocol.
  • Using weak ciphers in secured communication.

All these common problems, can be easily fixed with the moderate server administration knowledge, or you can use our professional services.

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